Our requirements

Our school uniform can be bought onsite at the school office. Eftpos is available.

Uniform Prices and Sizes

female Wigram Primary student wearing purple glasses and blue rain jacket

Jacket $45

XS – 2XL
young male Wigram Primary student in blue polo shirt and black shorts

Kahu Zip Top $45

XS – 2XL
young male Wigram Primary student in blue polo shirt and black shorts

Polo $25

female Wigram Primary student in blue dress and purple glasses

Dress $48-58

wigram primary blue polo shirt and blue fleece worn by female student

Polar Fleece $38

female Wigram Primary pupil wearing black skorts with arm on her hip

Skort $35

child wearing black shorts and blue shirt

Shorts $30

young male wearing blue and blue bucket hat on a climbing fame on an outdoor playground

Hat $18

XS – L
young male in blue shirt and jacket

Long pants $33

Wigram Primary female student in blue bucket hat showing two thumbs up with playground in the background

Hats and Shoes

  • Students need to wear black shoes and black socks.
  • Hats are only required during terms 1 and 4. 
  • Uniforms can be purchased from the office.


At the beginning of each year, or on enrolment, a stationery list will be provided outlining the requirements. We leave it to each family’s discretion where they source their stationary.

Alternatively, stationery packs are made available from schoolpacks.co.nz. If you choose to purchase the stationery from School Packs, select our school’s name and year level.

We attempt to keep costs to an absolute minimum. If additional stationery is required during the year, a note, signed by the teacher, will be sent home.

If you have any questions, please email office@wigramprimary.school.nz to clarify.