Student Council

The Student Council is a group of 13 Year 3-6 students who were elected to represent the learners of Wigram Primary School. They were elected because they show leadership and responsibility in the school environment. They are also students who show the HEART Values, listen carefully to others and show empathy.

Collaboration is an important part of being on the Student Council as these leaders are the voice for our learners and liaise with students and staff. They think about key issues, fundraise and take action to make a difference for Wigram Primary School, our community, and, hopefully, even the world.

Huritini Student Council

The Huritini Student Council is a group of selected students from five local schools who share a passion for the environment and our community. They come together once a month with Andrei Moore (Halswell Councillor) to talk about issues of concern to the students in the Halswell wider community and to be the change they wish to see.

In 2022, the Huritini Student Council planned and collaborated with the Christchurch City Council to produce a video about road safety around our schools and community. You can watch this video here.

Eco Club Leaders

These senior students were selected from Wigram’s Eco Club for their positive contribution towards our school environment. These children plan and organise a whole school rubbish clean up every Monday at lunch time. 

This gives all students the opportunity to care for our school environment and to earn Kāhu cards as a reward.


Our aim is to develop and apply leadership skills in sport by providing a number of physical activities for students to participate in during lunch times. 

At Wigram Primary School, PAL is run every Monday to Thursday at lunchtime from 12:50 to 1:15 pm.

PALs will work in pairs and take turns at the different roles required of them.

Peer Mediators

Peer Mediators are a group of Year 5 and 6 students who have learnt how to help solve problems and manage conflict among peers. They aim to be active listeners and remain objective, while also offering solutions that benefit all parties involved.

House Leaders

The House Leaders are made up of two Year 6 ambassadors from each house: Kittyhawk, Skyhawk, Mustang and Harvard. They are elected through a speech and House voting process. These students are active in the school community, respectful and approachable.

A House Leader’s role is to encourage the children at Wigram Primary School to follow the ‘Positive Behaviour 4 Learning’ focus and to be a representative for their House. They do this through counting the Kāhu cards and keeping a running total of House points, organising, preparing and presenting the Caught Being Good Assemblies and liaising with a teacher from each House to organise House rewards when the Houses reach 1000 points. These roles offer the House Leaders opportunities to build relationships within the school, gain confidence and develop their leadership skills to be lifelong leaders.