Ka whāngaia, ka tipu, ka puāwai – Nurture it and it will grow, then blossom.

Welcome to the Senior School – Kererū 

The senior school is made up of the Ruru and Kererū learning spaces. We teach years 4, 5, and 6 in a Digital Learning environment.

The staff working in the Kererū space consist of Seaeun Lee, Eve Hanrahan, and Eden Ronald. Brian Walkinshaw and Ashleigh Parish are our release teachers, and we are also very lucky to have our lovely Teacher Aides Petra, Michelle, Adele, and Pat who support staff and students across our space. Brittany Ludemann is the team leader – she is based in the Ruru Learning Space.

Kererū is a flexible, collaborative learning environment where learning, creating and sharing happen. When you visit us you will often see us working on our Chromebooks as we are a 1:1 device learning space.

The core learning areas of Reading, Writing, Spelling and Maths are delivered within targeted, collaborative programmes that meet the needs of all students. Within our literacy we use a Structured Literacy Approach and within Maths we use the Numicon Programme. The children have an opportunity to make choices around their interests in these learning areas.

During the week we also teach Uru Mānuka (Cybersmarts in the Classroom), PB4L (Positive Behaviour 4 Learning) and Authentic Inquires.

Check out our timetable, google site and blog for our day-to-day learning and successes.