(English to Speakers of Other Languages)

At Wigram Primary School, we value diversity. We have over 30 languages spoken and represented in our school community. We encourage children to be proud of their home language and maintain it as much as possible, as research has shown that by having strength in a home language will help their literacy skills in English.

Teachers take the abilities and needs of all students into account when designing learning programmes, including those where English is a second or even third language.

Students who are English language learners (ELLS) are supported in each learning space by their peers, small instructional groups and teaching assistants. Teachers scaffold a student’s learning in order to help them achieve. Where appropriate, English language support may also be in the form of small group teaching designed to expose them to English words, phrases and conventions. Programmes are planned and resources are organised to meet their English language needs. Children are assessed with a variety of assessment tools, which include a focus on oral language.

We have a dedicated teacher, Fiona Lunan, who co-ordinates our ESOL support programme and is available to speak to you if you require further information. Fiona’s email is